Dental caries between truth and rumors

Dental caries between truth and rumors


Dental caries pain is unbearable, and a lot of people experience increased pain because of their fear of treating it and their obsession with dentist tools and anesthesia.

It makes them negligent in their treatment.


What is dental caries?

Dental caries is damage that occurs in parts of the tooth or tooth that appear in the form of holes or small openings as a result of bacteria in the mouth due to not cleaning the teeth well. These holes do not heal or heal on their own. A dentist must intervene to treat them, and it is a problem that is more common among children and adults. For not making them aware of the importance of brushing their teeth. (1)


What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

The symptoms of tooth decay differ from one person to another, depending on the severity of the decay and its location, whether it is in the front teeth or the back molars. At the beginning of the tooth decay stage, no symptoms may appear, but with the development of decay and its increase in size, symptoms, and signs begin to appear as follows:


  • Sudden toothache.
  • Sensitive teeth and pain feel while eating something hot, cold, or sweet.
  • The appearance of clear holes in the teeth or molars.
  • Pain when chewing food. (1)


Is tooth decay treatment painful?

One of the biggest untrue fears people have is pain during cavity treatment, but the truth is that the treatment done by a dentist is relatively painless.


The pain that we feel is caused by the infection and not by the treatment. The treatment helps to reduce the severity of the pain


After treatment, feeling some mild pain is normal and temporary, and pain relievers may be sufficient to relieve it, if necessary, and the dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to treat or prevent infection. (2)


Caries complications:

It is common among people. And this is why it is widespread that they may not care about this matter.


In addition, if children suffer from caries in their milk teeth, they do not care about caries treatment, considering that the decayed teeth will be lost and replaced by permanent teeth. Caries will cause serious and persistent complications, even For children who do not yet have permanent teeth.


Among the complications of tooth decay:


  • Tooth abscess.
  • The appearance of swelling
  • Fracture of the tooth or tooth.
  • Difficulty chewing properly.
  • Relocation of teeth after their loss.
  • Gingivitis inflammation


When tooth decay is severe, the patient may suffer from


  • Severe pain that does not go away even with an analgesic.
  • Tooth loss.
  • A dental abscess, which is a sac of pus, is caused by a bacterial infection. (1)



Tooth decay is not an easy matter, because neglecting its treatment causes complications that may lead to the loss of a tooth and an abscess.


What are the steps to treat caries?


1- Root canal cleaning:

First: The dentist removes everything inside the root canal under local anesthesia. And makes a small access hole in the tooth and removes damaged and dead milky tissue.


2- Root canal filling:

Next, the dentist cleans, shapes, and disinfects the hollow area. Then the tooth is filled with a rubber-like material using adhesive to seal the canals completely.

After root canal treatment, the tooth will die and the patient will no longer feel any pain in that tooth because the nerve tissue is removed, and the infection is cleared.


3- Add a crown:

Despite the filling of the tooth, it becomes more fragile than before. Because it did not get the nourishment from the nerve that connects the tooth to the bone, the crown protects from fracture later.


The patient should not chew or bite on the tooth until the placement of the crown or filling is complete. Once the crown or filling is completed, the patient can use the tooth as before.


Summary :

Cleaning the tooth from bacteria and decay, filling the root canal with filling, and making a tooth crown is the only way to save the tooth from loss. 

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Dental caries between truth and rumors
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Dental caries between truth and rumors
Dental caries between truth and rumors
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