How to Overcome Overthinking ?

Are You Struggling With Overthinking And How To Overcome It?

You know the drill. You’re lying in bed, exhausted and longing for sleep.

But it seems your brain has other ideas, and pondering over some existential questions kind of  “Why am I here?” Or “why is the sky blue?”, or ruminate about your responses of the last week.

Overthinking is just like a curse, so we will talk in this article about Overthinking.


What is Overthinking? 

The classic overthinking definition is, “to think about something too much or for too long.”. And analyze all simple events or situations in detail. So our mind can not conceive them as deeds or positive results, and that leads to anxiety and depression.


So, there are differences between “Thinking” and “Overthinking”.

Despite, there is some evidence about women overthinking more than men, but there are a lot of both who are overthinking.

Are you an overthinker?

  • I always relive embarrassing and bad situations.
  • I have insomnia, because I am always overthinking.
  • I ask myself a lot of “even if…”
  • I spend a lot of time thinking about “what were they getting at?” In my conversations with the others”. 
  • Try to rephrase the conversations with the others in my mind. 
  • I always live with my mistakes.
  • I am not aware of what is going on around me occasionally. Because I’m overwhelmed by what happened in the past or worried about what will happen in the future.
  • I spend a lot of time being anxious about things getting out of my control.
  • I can not avoid my fears.


Causes of overthinking

It’s human nature to think a lot to find answers about our questions. We are always looking for certainty in our lives to take over the situations and events. and sometimes create scenarios to be susceptible to the results.


Overthinking is almost because we are about to make an important decision, or handling our fears. So if overthinking is relevant to emotional issues so we can fix it by changing our thoughts.


Overthinking is a byproduct of depression or anxiety, therefore who are overthinking They need antidepressant drugs to diminish their overthinking.


Can overthinking lead to death?

A study from Harvard Medical School researchers found excessive brain activity could lead to a shorter life, studied people ranging in age from 60s and 70s to those who lived to be 100 years or older. Even though “the mechanisms that extend lifespan in humans are poorly understood,” the study said people who died before they reached their mid-80s had lower levels of a protein called (REST) in their brains.


The dangers of Overthinking

Furthermore, overthinking can lead to death. It also paralyzes your life completely. So if you are overthinking, you almost suffer from…


  • Always thinking about something bad is going to happen.
  • People do not listen to you because you always make your conversation personal.
  • Insomnia because your mind can not stop overthinking.
  • Dramatizing issues, therefore it’s too hard to find solutions.
  • Your relationship with your kids is ruined because you are looking over everything.
  • Lack of self-confidence, because you suppose bad things about yourself, or you are not good enough for others to like you.
  • Your relationship with your partner is on the rock, because you are freaking out to lose them or you want to own them.
  • Being always overreacted and mad.
  • Being always jealous and making enemies in your mind.
  • Being obsessed with control because you are afraid to lose it.
  • Overthinking leads to depression and anxiety, even to suicide because you are just listening to your negative thoughts. 

What are the health benefits of Workout?

What are the health benefits of Workout?

How to beat Overthinking?



When you take a deep breath, you will feel relaxed. Because It is scientifically proven that breathing exercise helps you to relax and calm. So the positive breath or (from your stomach) is a part of relaxation, and It helps to treat anxiety and insomnia according to Healthline.


Find a distraction

If you are anxious, you have to stop your negative thoughts and concentrate on other activities, such as: Reading, working, or hobbies, always occupy your free time.


Writing down your thoughts

Writing down your fears and what you are interested in may be a treat to your overthinking. When you write down your emotions. It will shrink the negative thoughts and make your memory much better.


According to American Psychological Association (APA), writing down your thoughts will help you to save your mind, therefore you will be able to do more things.


Once you close your diary, forget all of your negative thoughts and keep going.


Get out of your Comfort zone

When you are overthinking, you always feel that you are jeopardized. And if you have a chance to assess if the situation is really dangerous or not, your instinct will choose it is pretty dangerous, to be always predisposed.


Review of Biopsychology to Dr. Graham C.L. Davey and Dr. Frances Meeten. Anxious person thinks anxiety is a good thing, perhaps it isn’t. Because they are convinced, It helps them to be predisposed to the worst. So you have to stop this way of thinking. Yes, It is going to be hard, but it will be worth it.

Understand the correlation between emotions and thoughts

Try to link between your emotions and your thoughts, and learn how your intense emotions shape your thoughts, therefore your positive emotions will shape positive thoughts.


There are some activities that improve your mood, such as: walking in the morning and exposure to the sun rays, workout, spending good times with friends or family, these all activities help you to create positive thoughts.


Overthinking has an awful impact on your career, your development, or your relationships. So it is only your decision to take steps to defeat your overthinking.


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Clinido wishes you a life full of happiness!