Seven Ways To Get Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone: Seven Ways To Get Testosterone Naturally



Testosterone is a hormone in humans and animals. For men, it is mainly produced by the testicles. As for women, Ovary produces testosterone. But in smaller quantities than men. Because it is a male sex hormone.


Hormone production increases obviously during puberty and begins to decline at the age of thirty.


It is often related to sex drive and its vital role in sperm production.


And it also affects muscle and bone mass and red blood cell production.


The level of it can affect mood in men.


It deficiency can occur due to a disorder of the testicles or pituitary gland. (1)



It is a hormone in both sex, but in men in a greater proportion, and is produced by the testicles and ovaries.


2- Workout and lifting weights

Reliable and exercise

Resistance exercises, such as weightlifting, provide a hormone boost, also in the short term. (2)


3- Eat protein, carbohydrates, and fats through a regular diet

Anything you eat affects testosterone levels and also the rest of the hormones. Excessive eating reduces testosterone levels in the body.


Eating an appropriate amount of protein helps maintain the level of testosterone, as well as lose fat, and also helps in raising the level of testosterone.


Also, eating healthy fats in healthy and appropriate proportions supports the level of testosterone and the balance of hormones in the body.


Because research has shown that a low-fat diet also reduces testosterone levels. (3)


Therefore, it is best to follow a comprehensive and nutritious diet.


And this is by relying on whole foods and a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to improve the level of testosterone and hormones.


4- Reducing stress and the level of the hormone cortisol


Long-term stress can raise the level of the hormone cortisol. Therefore, a sudden increase in the hormone cortisol leads to a rapid decrease in testosterone.


And we express the relationship between these hormones like a wing that when one hormone rises, the other decreases.


Stress and high cortisol lead to increased food intake and thus weight gain and the storage of harmful fats in the body around the organs.


These changes negatively affect the level of testosterone.

But, to achieve optimal health and hormonal levels, you must manage your stress levels.


You must be the person who keeps active and gets enough sleep every day. Moreover, try to relieve stress.


5- Exposure to sunlight and taking vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is a micronutrient that plays an important role in all aspects of health, and a low level of vitamin D can be related to a low level of testosterone.


In a study conducted on 102 men suffering from vitamin D deficiency, by taking vitamin D supplements, the level of testosterone increased, and this improved erectile dysfunction. (4)


6- Take supplements

 Zinc supplements increase testosterone levels and improve sexual function in menopause for women, due to low levels of zinc in the blood.


Zinc supplements are considered helpful for men who suffer from low testosterone levels, and there are herbal supplements that increase the level of the hormone, such as ginger.


If you decide to add any supplements to your first body, you must consult a nutritionist or a specialist doctor, especially if you suffer from any health problem.


7- Follow healthy habits:


A- Stop drinking alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can lower levels of it.


Within 30 days of drinking alcohol, the testosterone level will decrease, and excessive alcohol use can lead to decreased testicular function and atrophy.


B- Be careful with the use of plastic

It is important to be careful in storing any food because any container containing materials made of plastic contains estrogen. It is a chemical that is found in some plastic boxes and food wrappers.


And estrogen makes a glitch in the production of somebody’s hormones, and it may be testosterone.


7- Get an enough sleep


Sleeping regularly is no less important than exercising or following a healthy diet.


Sleep affects testosterone levels, and a study conducted on teenage girls and boys showed that poor sleep is associated with a decrease in this hormone. (5)


And most of the research recommends that you sleep for at least 7 hours every day. (6)


What is the importance of testosterone?

It contributes to increasing fertility in men who suffer from adrenal gland disorders.


It treats certain types of breast cancer that have spread to other places in women.


It treats conditions that cause testosterone deficiency, such as delayed growth or puberty, and recommends it in certain medical conditions, such as a disorder in the testicles, the pituitary gland, or in the hypothalamus, which causes hypogonadism.


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Testosterone: Seven Ways To Get Testosterone Naturally
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Testosterone: Seven Ways To Get Testosterone Naturally
Testosterone: Seven Ways To Get Testosterone Naturally
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